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PepsiCo enables safe water access for 30,000 in Lahore

  12th September 2020, Lahore – The first phase of PepsiCo’s ‘Access to Safe Water Program’ has made safe water accessible to 30,000 people in Lahore.  With the help of its on-ground partner WaterAid, a total of eight water filtration facilities have been rehabilitated. The intervention has focused on underserved urban settlements in Gulberg, Sultanke and Dhoop Sari. The filtration plants provide sustainable safe water to targeted communities including three schools.  20 water user committees have been formed to oversee the operation and maintenance of the water filtration plants. A female resident of Gulberg commented on the rehabilitated facility in the area,” The water filtration plant in our area was not functional and for a long time I had to travel quite far to get water for myself and my children. I am happy that the plant is functional again and am satisfied with quality of water for my family.” An integral part of the program has been community sensitization on hygiene, water safety and water conservation. 4,000 people were trained on hygiene promotion through interactive sessions such as street theatre and story-telling.  The second leg of the program is underway in Islamabad and the infrastructure invention will be completed by the end of 2020. Going forward, in 2021 the program will have a more focused lens on hygiene promotion and safe storage of water. PepsiCo’s ‘Access to safe water’ program is supporting the Government’s Clean Green Pakistan movement aimed at environmental sustainability by providing access to safe water to 140,000 people in the country by end of 2021.   Mr. Furqan Ahmed Syed, CEO PepsiCo Pakistan and Afghanistan said, “PepsiCo is aware of the critical role water plays in the food system. Our partnership with WaterAid is a testament of our commitment to address local water challenges. Providing access to safe water to underserved communities continues to be a priority for us and is an integral part of our ‘With Purpose’ agenda.” WaterAid Pakistan representative commented, “WaterAid Pakistan is committed to supporting Clean Green Pakistan Initiative by the Government of Pakistan and are happy that through this collaboration with PepsiCo we were able to reach vulnerable populations residing in the urban areas. PepsiCo and WaterAid Pakistan will continue to take initiative to provide access to safe water as part of the Clean Green Pakistan Movement.” PepsiCo’s water strategy is designed to enable long-term, sustainable water security for its business and for local communities that depend on an accessible and reliable supply of clean, safe water. Through partnerships funded by The PepsiCo Foundation, the company’s philanthropic arm, PepsiCo since 2006 has helped more than 44 million people gain access to safe water through distribution, purification, and conservation programs, far surpassing the company’s original target to help 25 million people by 2025. PepsiCo has set an ambitious new target to expand safe water access to 100 million people by 2030 with an immediate-term focus on supporting water distribution, sanitation, and hygiene practices.

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PepsiCo Pakistan distributes 10 million meals nationwide

  13 August 2020, Lahore: As part of its ‘Millions of Meals’ campaign, PepsiCo Pakistan has so far distributed over 10 million meals as part of its ongoing COVID-19 disaster relief efforts. ‘Millions of Meals’ is an inclusive, nationwide disaster relief program making millions of meals available to the communities most impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. The 10 million meal milestone has been achieved within four months of the campaign launch and was made possible by the on-ground support of reputable charitable organizations.  PepsiCo has also partnered with the Prime Minister’s Ehsaas Program to ensure access to the most vulnerable communities in urgent need of nutrition. As economic activity decelerated during the COVID-19 epidemic and an increasing number of people were faced with loss of income and earning opportunities. In these circumstances, the need for providing meals to underprivileged communities became the foremost requirement. PepsiCo Pakistan announced the launch of ‘Millions of Meals’ program at the onset of the crisis, and with the support of The PepsiCo Foundation, the philanthropic arm of PepsiCo, committed funding of over US$1.4 million to provide meals to those in urgent need of sustenance. Furqan Ahmed Syed, CEO PepsiCo Pakistan and Afghanistan said, “I am very proud to share that the ‘Millions of Meals’ campaign has already distributed over 10 million meals. With the help of our partners, we have ensured access of the program to all provinces and almost all the districts of Pakistan. We have specifically targeted maximum reach to less accessible areas and to marginalized communities. We are committed to helping our communities through these unprecedented times.” The ‘Millions of Meals’ program is rooted in PepsiCo’s global vision of ‘Winning with Purpose’, the company’s commitment to do good for the planet and the communities it operates in. The Millions of Meals program is one example of how PepsiCo is providing critical support to communities affected by COVID-19 around the world. PepsiCo together with the PepsiCo Foundation has invested more than $60 million globally and has delivered over 100 million nutritious meals globally to at-risk populations.

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‘Roshan Kal’ a virtual internship for 300 students

  July 11, 2020: PepsiCo Pakistan has announced a virtual internship program for 300 graduates of the PepsiCo-Amal Youth program. The ‘Roshan Kal’ internship aims to provide experiential learning, industry exposure and an insider perspective to young university graduates. It is significant to note that 50 percent of the participants in the program will be women.   ‘Roshan Kal’ virtual internship program will provide mentorship, guidance and a platform for the interns to put the life skills they have acquired, into action. The program is designed to be a digitalized interactive, engaging and immersive experience. It will focus on bringing out the interns’ creativity, innovation and agility; skills that will give them a competitive advantage in the ever-changing world, both professionally and personally. The assignments will be research-based projects varying from topics such as analyzing consumer buying trends, technology solutions for the new normal and learning about organization culture and processes. Mr. Furqan Ahmed Syed, CEO PepsiCo Pakistan and Afghanistan commented, “Supporting Pakistan’s youth is part of our “Winning with Purpose” agenda and reflects PepsiCo's ambition to win sustainably in the marketplace and embed purpose into all aspects of our business. The Roshan Kal Virtual internship program is a continuation of our commitment to youth in alignment with the Pakistan government’s ‘Kamyab Jawan Program’. This year we expanded our internship program for hundreds of young Pakistani graduates in order to provide them with a virtual working experience.” Pakistan’s growing youth population is actively seeking employment opportunities. Despite technical expertise, the key workplace barrier to entry is the professional skills gap. PepsiCo has partnered with Amal Academy to fill this gap by providing professional skills to university graduates so they can gain meaningful employability skills. The PepsiCo Amal Youth program was launched in 2019 as a pilot to train 1,000 students. In 2020, with PepsiCo’s support, Amal Academy has expanded to Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and aims to double the impact by training over 2,000 students by end of this year. Tamakanat Saad a selected intern, based out of Faisalabad commented, “I am thrilled to have been selected for “Roshan Kal’. This virtual internship is a blessing in disguise, as my location doesn’t become a hindrance in benefiting from such an incredible opportunity. I am keen to make the most of this experience, to learn and grow and excited to see the doors that it will open for me.” This investment in youth is part of PepsiCo’s broader social impact commitment in Pakistan following the recent announcement of its intention to invest Rs 775 million in social programs over the next 3 years. Investment in social impact is part of the company’s broader vision to be the global leader in convenient foods and beverages by Winning with Purpose.  One portion of the investment will support the government’s Kamyab Jawan program, by expanding its existing support for youth employment and skills development through the Amal-PepsiCo youth collaboration program.

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