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Since PepsiCo first entered Pakistan in 1968, our operations have reflected a strong commitment to Pakistan’s people, communities and economy. We have steadily expanded our portfolio of food and beverage brands as the country itself has continued to grow and prosper, supporting and investing in Pakistan and its bountiful resources through mutually beneficial relationships with all those who collaborate in PepsiCo’s value chain.

Our business is guided by Performance with Purpose, our governing philosophy. This philosophy, first articulated in 2006, focuses on delivering sustained financial results while being responsive to the needs of the world around us. It specifically reflects three overarching priorities. First is making healthier products by reducing sodium, saturated fat and sugar content in our products, in some cases by more than 80 percent. Second is limiting our environmental impact by reducing water and energy consumption while increasing our recycling efforts. Third is upskilling our people while uplifting the communities we serve by sponsoring various drives and initiatives to reduce hunger and malnutrition while promoting health and wellness.

The result today is a growing number of partnerships in Pakistan’s business community, collectively working toward ongoing advancements in the country’s economy, infrastructure, environment and society.

Many of our brands in Pakistan today are immediately recognizable household names which have reduced amounts of sugar, salt, saturated and trans-fats. We have leveraged PepsiCo’s global best practices to establish comprehensive internal procedures that ensure food safety controls covering the entire supply chain from raw material, through production, and ultimately the retail shelf.

The pride we have in our business is not simply a result of our growth over the years; it is the way we have grown – taking a long-term view, making investments that respond to changing societal needs, and truly seeing ourselves as Pakistan’s development partner.

Our continued success as a company is inextricably linked to the success of the markets we serve. We are proud of more than 50 years of history in Pakistan and look forward to a brighter future with the employees, families and communities in the country who have helped make PepsiCo what it is today.

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