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PepsiCo holds graduation ceremony for 2018 interns

PepsiCo’s summer internship program graduation ceremony took place at the PepsiCo Pakistan Head Office, amidst smiles and positivity, as students from across the country were making their way back to their campuses. Over 2,000 applicants went through a 3 step screening process, including an aptitude test, followed by screening and functional interviews. "The type of talent that we saw in our internship prgram was remarkable," said Usman Butt, General Manager for the Foods business. "It was heartening to see the skills and potential of these capable youth. We look forward to next year's program." After final shortlisting, 46 of the best and brightest got selected and accommodated in two different batches. The interns were assigned a total of 33 different strategic projects, specified for each intern during their 6-12 weeks of internship at PepsiCo, which were run in 4 different locations. Out of these 46 interns, 42 were undergraduate students, while 4 were graduate students. "Interning at PepsiCo provided me with a holistic view of how a large scale MNC operates,” says Fatima Yoshida, a student at LUMS. “I have a whole new appreciation for the intricacies within businesses. Companies aren't just entities; they have the capability to touch lives. Just like PepsiCo Pakistan touched mine." Next year’s summer internship program applications will open in late spring. Stay tuned for that announcement!

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PepsiCo celebrates its heroes

What makes PepsiCo great? It’s the people who put their energy, hard work and diligence in everything they do. These are our real faces; our Heroes. We’ve brought the stories of five PepsiCo associates to you, so you can witness firsthand how they nurture their dreams and aspirations. Sanam Sheikh made the bold move from a career in HR after 16 years, and stepped into a core commercial role. Today, she handles the key accounts and trade marketing portfolios and oversees a team that helps build our business, both in foods as well as beverages. She is constantly challenged – but thoroughly enjoys the work. Khadija Muzaffar was a curious young girl, who took a keen interest in the electrical equipment which her brothers used to work on. Nine years ago, she joined PepsiCo as a process operator; today, she is PepsiCo Pakistan’s first female Site Expert Trainer. She continues to climb up the ladder and is changing her and her family's life in the process. Sara Naeem joined PepsiCo as a Management Trainee, and in no time, her passion for environmental sustainability found a home. She got the chance to work on various projects that are helping us achieve critical global sustainability goals, related to our Performance with Purpose agenda. Today, she is on a location-free assignment, working on projects that have a global impact. Muhammad Waseem was one of the first PepsiCo staff members who joined the snacks sales team, when it was formed in 2005. Over a span of 13 years, Waseem grew from a Level 1 employee, into his current Level 8 role as Zonal Sales Manager for Peshawar. After seeing his stellar results, he was awarded the Chairman’s Ring of Honor. Finally, Maqsood Jan, our potato farmer in the picturesque Yasin Valley of Gilgit Baltistan, was the first farmer who was brought on to grow potatoes in that region. Years later, he is a mentor to over 30 other farmers and has improved his standard of living. These stories not only represent the true values of the organization but also show how our talented team makes stringent efforts to ensure that the organization works in synchronization to bring you the products our consumers love. We are so grateful to these staff members - our Heroes - and hope you are just as inspired by their stories. You can watch their individual journeys of triumph on the PepsiCo Pakistan YouTube page. You will appreciate their stories even more.

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Bayaan crowned winner of Pepsi Battle of the Bands season 3

The results of Pepsi Battle of the Bands season 3 are in! You’ve crowned Bayaan as the winner! Formed in 2015, Bayaan’s story can be traced back to the jam sessions of a music show. It was during these jam and recording sessions that the future members of the band - all college students at the time - met and became fast friends. The five-member band, which believes in producing original content, takes inspiration from different genres of music. From Mehdi Hassan to Dream Theater, Junoon, Iron Maiden, Pearl Jam and Sound Garden — the playlists of the band members are as diverse as they are. The band comprises of Asfar Hussain on vocals, Haider Abbas on bass, Shahrukh Aslam and Muqueet Shahzad on guitars, and Mansoor Lashari on drums. While Asfar Hussain has an undergraduate degree in musicology, the rest of the band members are self-taught. Bayaan has consistently grown throughout their journey on season 3 of Pepsi Battle of the Bands. Their opening act was their powerful original, “Farda”, and they made it an easy decision for the judges to shortlist them for the top 8. However, as the season progressed, Bayaan would end up in bottom 2 - in 3 out of the 4 knock-out episodes! Yet, the band would make a powerful comeback - be it with their originals - such as the soulful “Raaz-e-Fitna” or a powerful rendition of Junoon’s “Azaadi”. One of the band’s most defining qualities is their strong and moving songwriting. Penned in Urdu, the gritting lyrics of their songs tend to mesmerize music-lovers. Bayaan has showcased 5 original songs through the course of the show’s 3rd season (“Farda”, “Raaz-e-Fitna”, “Tou ka hua”, “Hum Nadaan”, “Paani aur mitti”, “Nahin milta”), showing their ability to make wonderful original music.

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