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PepsiCo Pakistan is enabling a circular economy

PepsiCo envisions a world where packaging never becomes waste. It recognises the important role it plays in driving toward a circular economy and reducing plastic waste. As a global food and beverage company, PepsiCo aims to use its reach and influence to help change the way society makes, uses and disposes of plastics. In Pakistan, PepsiCo has launched several meaningful programs to drive a circular economy for plastics. PepsiCo Pakistan has joined hands with the Islamabad Administration, ‘Saaf Suthra Shehar’, and Haidri Beverages Limited to incentivise plastic waste collection for the citizens of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The PepsiCo-Saaf Suthra Shehar recycling program is running successfully in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi with more and more people registering to play a part in making their cities green and clean. The program incentivises waste segregation in homes by giving away free Aquafina refills for every 10 used plastic bottles returned by citizens. In 2021, PepsiCo launched Pakistan’s largest plastic waste collection programs and collected and recycled over 16,000 tons of plastic. This is the largest voluntary plastic collection scheme in Pakistan and has been highly appreciated by the Ministry of Climate Change and WWF-Pakistan. PepsiCo, in collaboration with Novatex Limited, is also conducting trials to recycle used plastic bottles back into plastic bottles. Recycled PET or RPET will significantly reduce the use of virgin plastics. The companies are working together to significantly scale up the collection of used plastic bottles in Pakistan and to commercialise the use of bottles made from recycled plastics. PepsiCo is also focused on creating opportunities for consumers to play a role in reducing plastic waste. PepsiCo unveiled a first of its kind Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) at the Jinnah Super Market in Islamabad last year. For consumers, this is an easy way to recycle plastic bottles, whereby they can avail discounts for food outlets in exchange for used plastic bottles. The RVM is part of the company’s larger strategy and intent to take meaningful steps towards tackling the issue of plastic waste. This World Environment Day, responsible corporate leaders such as PepsiCo Pakistan are reminding us that each one of us has an important role to play in protecting our environment.

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PepsiCo & ‘Saaf Suthra Shehar’ Encourage Recycling Habits

  PepsiCo Pakistan recently joined hands with the Islamabad Administration, ‘Saaf Suthra Shehar’, and Haidri Beverages Limited to incentivize plastic waste collection for the citizens of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. A group of people posing for a photo

Description automatically generated The PepsiCo-Saaf Suthra Shehar recycling program is running successfully in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi with more and more people registering to play a part in making their cities green and clean. Last year, PepsiCo also introduced Pakistan’s very first Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) in Jinnah Super, Islamabad which allows customers to get a discount voucher for local eateries in return for plastic bottles. The initiative has proven to be successful with citizens using the vending machine daily in the capital territory and is expected to be launched in other cities soon. A picture containing text, tree, outdoor, person

Description automatically generated Citizens who register with Saaf Suthra Shehar will receive a free 19-liter refill of Aquafina in return for 10 plastic bottles of any shape, size, or brand. The bottles are collected by Saaf Suthra Shehar from citizens across the twin cities and sent to a recycling facility in an environmentally friendly way. This is a convenient and innovative recycling solution especially introduced for responsible citizens to facilitate them in moving empty water bottles back into the system for efficient reuse. A picture containing person

Description automatically generated This recycling initiative is an embodiment of PepsiCo’s vision for a circular economy for plastics in Pakistan. This is a proactive step forward towards cultivating a community that is conscious of its environment and opts for recycling daily. The initiative was launched under ‘Recycle for Tomorrow’ - PepsiCo’s plastic waste collection and recycling platform. PepsiCo has launched several initiatives under this platform. ‘Recycle for Tomorrow’ commenced in January 2021 with PepsiCo’s commitment to collect and recycle 4,750 tons of plastic waste within 2021. PepsiCo more than doubled this target to 10,250 tons only six months later. Programs launched under ‘Recycle for Tomorrow’ aim to drive plastic circularity to ensure that plastic doesn’t become waste.  A picture containing outdoor, person, street, sidewalk

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PepsiCo partners with Pakistan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

  PepsiCo Pakistan has partnered with the Ministry of Commerce, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), the Government of Pakistan for one of the most key global events of the year - the Pakistan Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai! Promoting Pakistan as a leading destination and showcasing its immense potential through an immersive and visually captivating experience, the Pakistan Pavilion has already made waves across the world. Through a host of conferences and seminars, the six-month-long event will be a celebration of Pakistan by highlighting the country’s beautiful landscapes, exotic cuisines, cultural hospitality, natural resources, and architecture as well as arts and crafts traditions. PepsiCo will also be a beverage partner at the event. A series of thought leadership forums will take place at the Pakistan Pavilion with emphasis on what makes Pakistan a leading destination in the international arena. The events will primarily focus on demonstrating Pakistan’s innovations and industry, achievements of youth in the technology space, a comprehensive diversity and inclusion agenda, leadership on climate change and sustainability, significant social uplift programs, and the huge economic potential of exports. PepsiCo’s ‘In, With, For Pakistan’ agenda demonstrates the company’s long-term commitment to creating positive developmental impacts. Most recently, PepsiCo in Pakistan has been at the forefront of generating investments and curating community-centered social impact programs. “PepsiCo’s alliance with the Ministry of Commerce is a demonstration of our vision for promoting Pakistan as a land of opportunities and possibilities for all citizens of the world,” says Mr. Furqan Ahmed Syed, CEO of PepsiCo in Pakistan. PepsiCo Pakistan is fully committed towards attracting continued investment opportunities, trade, and accelerated socio-economic development in Pakistan. The company is fostering sustainability by creating positive impacts for communities, creating innovative solutions in sustainable agriculture, and water stewardship as well as women and youth development for the country’s overall advancement.
Currently, PepsiCo is running one of the largest plastics recycling programs in Pakistan, a comprehensive youth skills development program, and significant milestones in water replenishment and conservation through sustainable farming practices in the agricultural supply chain. PepsiCo Pakistan is fully committed towards attracting continued investment opportunities, trade, and accelerated socio-economic development in Pakistan. The company is fostering sustainability by creating positive impacts for communities, creating innovative solutions in sustainable agriculture, and water stewardship as well as women and youth development for the country’s overall advancement. Currently, PepsiCo is running one of the largest plastics recycling programs in Pakistan, a comprehensive youth skills development program, and significant milestones in water replenishment and conservation through sustainable farming practices in the agricultural supply chain.  

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100 % vaccination as part of holistic pandemic response

PepsiCo Pakistan’s comprehensive community-centric COVID-19 response has been one that deserves commendation. In collaboration with the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, Government of Punjab, PepsiCo recently became one of the fastest companies in Pakistan to achieve a 100 percent Covid-19 vaccination rate through robust vaccination drives for more than 3,000 employees and frontline associates at the company’s facilities. District healthcare workers, health authority representatives, and PepsiCo’s associates and frontline heroes came together to play a crucial role in vivaciously combating the pandemic to ensure each other’s health, wellbeing, and safety. This is a prime example of what a joint venture between public and private sectors can achieve for the greater benefit of communities. PepsiCo organized informative sessions to promote vaccine awareness and key Covid-19 prevention behaviors and practices. The overall goal of collaborating with the district health authorities has been to continue raising awareness on the importance of COVID-19 immunization at PepsiCo while promoting precautionary measures, and for the implementation of an effective and inclusive campaign to protect the PepsiCo family and overall communities. Moving forward, PepsiCo Pakistan will remain committed to enhancing the health, safety and wellbeing of its people and the communities it operates in and is also determined to explore collaborative outreach campaigns in close coordination with the public healthcare authorities. Protecting employees’ health, well-being, and safety is an utmost priority at PepsiCo Pakistan, where a conscientious and people-centric company culture drives a safe work environment for people and the surrounding Pakistani communities. PepsiCo has embarked on transformational policies that have uplifted workplace safety standards and contributed to its ‘Winning with Purpose’ agenda for sustained and accelerated company-wide growth. In these particularly challenging times, PepsiCo has taken full ownership for cultivating an environment safe for all. PepsiCo’s goal for supporting people in need transcends across diverse communities in Pakistan. In the recent past, PepsiCo Pakistan has taken a significant number of proactive steps to support Pakistani communities during the evolving pandemic situation. In 2020, PepsiCo Pakistan in collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Ehsaas ration program launched ‘Millions of Meals’ – a nationwide, disaster-relief program to meet communities’ nutritional needs during the crisis. The program brought together civil society actors, charities, and volunteers to swiftly distribute 13 million meals across Pakistan, including remote areas of Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. PepsiCo leveraged long-term alliances and leaned in on critical partnerships with government authorities and local partners to serve underserved communities. PepsiCo’s long-standing commitment to Pakistan through community-centric programs is in line with the social agenda of the government. During the pandemic, PepsiCo has specifically re-aligned its social impact projects with the Prime Minister’s vision for youth and community development. The focus of these programs has been on enhancing Pakistan’s long-term development and sustainability. This year, PepsiCo marked an extraordinary milestone by swiftly launching a virtual Roshan Kal platform in line with the Prime Minister’s Kamyab Jawan program to promote continued education during the pandemic through remote internships for 1,000 young students from 200 cities. In addition, the company expanded safe drinking water access to 112,000 community members in water-scarce communities as part of its partnership with WaterAid, during a time when access to clean drinking water was considered a luxury. These programs came in at critical points when communities were highly susceptible to Covid-19 spikes and new variants. As Pakistan makes its recovery from the pandemic, PepsiCo is well-positioned to further entrench its ‘In, With, For Pakistan’ agenda across its business functions and continues to create positive social impacts and strengthen its alliance with the government for improving the social sector performance and fostering shared values for communities, including women and youth in need.  

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Discover #TheHiddenTreasure with PepsiCo

  PepsiCo for the past five decades has stood firm In, With, and For Pakistan while showing the world what a gem the country truly is. Join us on this journey to a mystical land to discover Pakistan. In consideration of PepsiCo Pakistan’s partnership with the Pakistan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, PepsiCo released a video compilation – ‘Discover The Hidden Treasure’ – an amalgamation of Pakistan as a true land of wonders, cultural diversity, and magnificent beauty.  

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The results are in from the 2018 Change the Game competition

  The 2018 Change the Game (CTG) competition is over, but the excitement continues! We were thrilled to receive 5,153 entries, out of which two teams made us proud and were ranked as the number 1 and 2 runner-ups for the Asia Pacific region. This is no small feat, considering how stiff the competition was and how many rounds these teams had to progress through. For the 2018 competition, participants were asked to address the business challenge of managing plastic waste and eliminating plastic in production. The 1st regional runner-up was Team Sustainablers from IBA University, consisting of Hamza Raza and Ahmed Masood. Their big idea to curb plastic waste was to introduce a customer-driven waste collection and management system leveraging PepsiCo’s retail salesforce to help collect and recycle plastic waste. The 2nd regional runner-up was Team LUMS Basic from LUMS, consisting of Alyshan Parvez and Muhammad Mansoor. Their idea was to introduce a smart container that automatically recognizes, sorts and compresses plastic using sensors, and sends an automatic notification to a plastic collection company. Hamza and Ahmed will be joining the PepsiCo family as Management Trainees in a few months, while Alyshan and Mansoor will be shadowing one of our senior business leaders for a full week, and also get a career coaching session with our General Manager. Team Sustainablers had this to say about the competition: “PepsiCo CTG was an experience worth living all over again!” while Team LUMS Basic said: “the competition gets tougher and more thrilling every year. CTG 2018 was one of its kind!” Join us in congratulating these bright individuals! To find out more about the CTG competition, please visit the CTG website, and follow our social media channels to keep abreast about the launch date for the 2019 competition.

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PepsiCo Pakistan celebrates an evening ‘With Purpose’

  What do you get when over 300 of Lahore’s socialites, influencers, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, NGO representatives and media professionals come together to hear four remarkable youth heroes share their inspirational stories? An evening “With Purpose”! PepsiCo Pakistan organized a TED-style event titled ‘With Purpose’, where inspirational talks centered on the idea of leading lives with purpose by empowering others. The event concluded with PepsiCo announcing the launch of its youth skills program. Kanwal Ahmed, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Soul Sisters Pakistan, talked about her journey of self-awareness that led her to establish a social platform ‘for women, by women’. Benje Williams, Co-Founder, Amal Academy, narrated the story of his search for qualified talent leading him to starting a social enterprise that develops skills and competencies for university graduates. Amneh Shaikh-Farooqui, Co-Founder, Polly and Other Stories, shared her journey of setting up an enterprise that supports creative businesses and talented artisans across Pakistan to sell unique products based on local culture, aesthetics and crafts. Umair Jaliawala, Founder, Torque Corporation, spoke about how listening to his ‘calling’ at a very young age has led him to empower thousands of people.  The evening started with PepsiCo Pakistan unveiling its Pakistan corporate video produced by the AMENA sector communications team. The video establishes Pakistan CUs country footprint, highlights brands and the PwP agenda. At the event, Pakistan CU showcased its key initiatives driven by the Performance with Purpose agenda through a multi-panel installation placed at the center of the reception area. Guests were able to learn first-hand about the PwP agenda, and also engage with the multimedia content played on the screens. Some of the highlights included PepsiCo initiatives on developing farmers’ capabilities to improve yield and conserve water, tree plantation drives, providing green energy to under-served communities and initiatives supporting women and young girls. Furqan Ahmed Syed, General Manager and Vice President for PepsiCo Pakistan and Afghanistan, also narrated the PwP agenda during his closing comments. “It is the way we do business in PepsiCo, i.e. to focus on delivering sustainable long term growth while leaving a positive imprint on society and the environment,” he said. A specially created Wall of Purpose encouraged guests to make personal pledges and post them on the wall. Between the talks, PepsiCo screened a video produced as part of PepsiCo Pakistan’s “Celebrating our Heroes” digital campaign. The video told the story of Sara Naeem, a 2016 Circle of Champions winner who works on global and sector sustainability initiatives, while based in Pakistan. At the conclusion of the event, we shared our intent of launching a nation-wide youth skills program that will train thousands of graduates on professional skills so that they can enhance their opportunity of securing meaningful jobs. The announcement was made by Pakistan’s most beloved celebrity and youth icon, Fawad Khan. The program will be co-led by Amal Academy, a Lahore-based social enterprise that has extensive experience in the skills development space. We are ecstatic about the social media buzz generated by the endeavor; we received over 11 million combined impressions for our pages on Facebook and Instagram. More than 400 content pieces were generated on various social media platforms. This content generated a high level of overall engagement – nearly 90,000 likes, comments and shares across all platforms. Help us keep the buzz going by sharing content from our social media platforms! Follow PepsiCo Pakistan on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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PepsiCo holds graduation ceremony for 2018 interns

PepsiCo’s summer internship program graduation ceremony took place at the PepsiCo Pakistan Head Office, amidst smiles and positivity, as students from across the country were making their way back to their campuses. Over 2,000 applicants went through a 3 step screening process, including an aptitude test, followed by screening and functional interviews. "The type of talent that we saw in our internship prgram was remarkable," said Usman Butt, General Manager for the Foods business. "It was heartening to see the skills and potential of these capable youth. We look forward to next year's program." After final shortlisting, 46 of the best and brightest got selected and accommodated in two different batches. The interns were assigned a total of 33 different strategic projects, specified for each intern during their 6-12 weeks of internship at PepsiCo, which were run in 4 different locations. Out of these 46 interns, 42 were undergraduate students, while 4 were graduate students. "Interning at PepsiCo provided me with a holistic view of how a large scale MNC operates,” says Fatima Yoshida, a student at LUMS. “I have a whole new appreciation for the intricacies within businesses. Companies aren't just entities; they have the capability to touch lives. Just like PepsiCo Pakistan touched mine." Next year’s summer internship program applications will open in late spring. Stay tuned for that announcement!

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PepsiCo celebrates its heroes

What makes PepsiCo great? It’s the people who put their energy, hard work and diligence in everything they do. These are our real faces; our Heroes. We’ve brought the stories of five PepsiCo associates to you, so you can witness firsthand how they nurture their dreams and aspirations. Sanam Sheikh made the bold move from a career in HR after 16 years, and stepped into a core commercial role. Today, she handles the key accounts and trade marketing portfolios and oversees a team that helps build our business, both in foods as well as beverages. She is constantly challenged – but thoroughly enjoys the work. Khadija Muzaffar was a curious young girl, who took a keen interest in the electrical equipment which her brothers used to work on. Nine years ago, she joined PepsiCo as a process operator; today, she is PepsiCo Pakistan’s first female Site Expert Trainer. She continues to climb up the ladder and is changing her and her family's life in the process. Sara Naeem joined PepsiCo as a Management Trainee, and in no time, her passion for environmental sustainability found a home. She got the chance to work on various projects that are helping us achieve critical global sustainability goals, related to our Performance with Purpose agenda. Today, she is on a location-free assignment, working on projects that have a global impact. Muhammad Waseem was one of the first PepsiCo staff members who joined the snacks sales team, when it was formed in 2005. Over a span of 13 years, Waseem grew from a Level 1 employee, into his current Level 8 role as Zonal Sales Manager for Peshawar. After seeing his stellar results, he was awarded the Chairman’s Ring of Honor. Finally, Maqsood Jan, our potato farmer in the picturesque Yasin Valley of Gilgit Baltistan, was the first farmer who was brought on to grow potatoes in that region. Years later, he is a mentor to over 30 other farmers and has improved his standard of living. These stories not only represent the true values of the organization but also show how our talented team makes stringent efforts to ensure that the organization works in synchronization to bring you the products our consumers love. We are so grateful to these staff members - our Heroes - and hope you are just as inspired by their stories. You can watch their individual journeys of triumph on the PepsiCo Pakistan YouTube page. You will appreciate their stories even more.

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