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Cheetos, a global brand, has been positioned as a brand which inspires imagination and instigates playful mischeif. Chester Cheetah is Cheetos’ brand mascot: wild and mischievous, wears cool sunglasses and is great fun to be with! But most importantly, Chester Cheetah is crazy for Cheetos.

Cheetos is available in an array of enjoyable and fun shapes, flavors, textures and pellets with beloved variants such as Ketchup puffs, Ocean Safari, Vegetable Bites, Poppers, Shells and the OG Crunchy Red Flaming Hot amongst the most popular.

All your favorite Cheetos variants are made using the best quality raw materials, spices, and flavors, undergoing strict quality control by certified and external bodies at the reception prior to production and all through the manufacturing process. Finally, the great looking packs of Cheetos that make their way into your hands are also packaged under unique hygiene conditions.

Flamin’ Hot is unarguably the nation’s most-loved flavor! Made from authentic chilies and spices, the Flamin’ Hot range is made to suit the fiery hot taste palette of the people who love a hot and spicy kick in their snack, namely Cheetos Flamin’ Hot, Kurkure Toofani Mirch and Lay’s Wavy Flamin’ Hot.

Every single chip in the entire range packs a punch of spice with a blast of hotness on the taste buds that leaves you wanting more. Bringing center-stage the best of our potato and corn snacks, the generously added Flamin’ Hot spice adds a whole new layer to the snacking experience, with flavorful might, in every bite – resulting in your mouth and fingers covered in all red (literally)!

All ingredients used in Cheeto’s and Flamin’ Hot variants are 100% Halaal, certified by SANHA ( - a government approved Halaal Certification body.


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