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Lay’s has made its mark in every heart as the nation’s favorite snack, bringing flavors from over 100 countries. This overwhelming love has allowed it to become the largest snack brand worldwide and since its launch in 2007, it has grown to become an essential for every Pakistani snacking occasion.

In Pakistan, we love to share! Friends and family across the nation uphold the notion of sharing that brings joy, and Lay’s is inherently found at the center of it all. With the most irresistible chip, made from 100% locally sourced fresh potatoes and high-quality ingredients, everyday snacking with an extensive range of exciting flavors becomes even more enjoyable with others because…Joy Hai Sharing Mein!

All your favorite Lay’s variants are made using only the best of the best potatoes sourced exclusively to create the perfect snack we all know and love and experienced best when shared! The diverse range of Lay’s variants undergo strict quality control by certified and external bodies at the reception prior to production and all through the manufacturing process. Finally, the great looking packs of Lay’s that make their way into your hands are also packaged under unique hygiene conditions.

All ingredients used in Lay's are 100% Halaal, certified by SANHA ( - a government approved Halaal Certification body


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